In 1935, after training as an architect at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona (ETSAB), Agustín Borrell Sensat (Barcelona, 1910-1970) began his professional career in Barcelona. In 1940, he became a state architect, and between 1960 and 1970 was head of the Urban Assessment Department of Barcelona.

Agustín designed a number of key projects, such as the Bar Association building in Barcelona (Barcelona, 1950), Banco Rural y Mediterráneo (Barcelona, 1953), Hotel Manila (Barcelona, 1953), the offices for Radio Liberty (Pals, Girona, 1958), as well as several educational facilities and industrial buildings in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Barcelona, and others.

1935-1970 | 1971-2007

1950 Bar Association, Barcelona
1956 Jesús-María School, Valencia
1958 Feycu Factory, Valencia
1961 Housing Block at Vía Augusta 244, Barcelona
1950 Jesús-María School, Madrid
1956 Manila Hotel, Barcelona
1958 Radio Liberty, Platja de Pals
1965 Guimerá Potosí Factory, Barcelona
1953 Rural & Mediterráneo Bank, Barcelona
1958 Castalia Factory, Barcelona
1960 San José School, Valencia
1966 Jesús-María School, Alicante


In 1971, his sons, Agustín and Carlos Borrell Calonge, took over the practice, leading the design and management of various projects.

They were responsible, among other projects, for the design of Consorcio de la Zona Franca, Hospital General de Catalunya, Torre Catalunya in Sants, Rotary Press for La Vanguardia, and other hotel and residential buildings in Barcelona and its surroundings.

Agustín Borrell (Barcelona, 1940-2006) trained as an architect at ETSAB. He became dean of the Institute of Architects of Catalunya (COAC) and vice-president of the Board of the Spanish Institute of Architects (1984-1988). His academic work was linked to ETSAB, and he collaborated as a regular expert for the High Court of Justice of Catalunya.

Carlos Borrell (Barcelona 1943) trained as an architect at ETSAB. He has worked on projects in the hospitality sector and currently represents the Barcelona Hotel Professional Association (Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona), for which he is vice-president of mandatory and technical best practice. He has also been involved in the drafting of new Regulations which set the minimum services and technical requirements for hotels from 15 July 2003.

1970 Office Building at Anglí 31, Barcelona
1973 Consorcio Campus at Z. Franca, Barcelona
1989 Rotary Press La Vanguardia, Barcelona
1994 Vedruna Gràcia School, Barcelona
2003 Colón Hotel, Caldes d’Estrach-Barcelona
1971 Torre Catalunya Hotel, Barcelona
1984 Condes de Barcelona Hotel
1990 Alexandra Sabadell Hotel
1999 Housing Complex T. del Bosc, Barcelona
2004 Masterplan for Golf Maresme
1971 Jesús-María School, Barcelona
1986 Alexandra Hotel, Barcelona
1993 Housing complex at C. Caralleu, Barcelona
2000 Housing Complex at Golf Empordà, Girona
2006 Housing Block at El Carmel, Barcelona

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