47 Housing Units in Cornellà, 2017

Forty-Seven Apartments in Cornellà. 2017-ongoing

A building facing four directions, with variable height, GF+5/GF+7 tailored to suit the site’s topography (an approximate north-south fall of 5m). Due to the street gradient, the project is uneven from an urban perspective, with different floors on the same level. The building’s main façade is aligned with the site’s boundary from Parc de Can Mercader Avenue, detaching itself from the existing buildings on the southwest façade. The pavement width of Parc de Can Mercader Avenue is approximately 8m, where it is proposed to install planters to indicate access to entrances and create a separation belt between the building and pedestrians.

Four independent entrances are proposed with common entrances in pairs to facilitate accessibility. Each vertical communication core comprises a lift and a staircase, which opens up to the façade, linking all the floors of the building, including the basements.

Apartments are facing two directions, with a depth of 12,35m and a core for two units (linking all the floors). 4-bedroom units will be arranged in the corners, 3-bedroom units in the centre and 2-bedroom units on the upper floor. All units enjoy cross ventilation and adequate sunlight during the winter months. The building has a flat roof, where part of the common services will be located.

Cornellà, Barcelona

Project 2017-ongoing
Area 6.144m²

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