49 Housing Units in Sitges, 2017

Forty-Nine Apartments in Sitges. 2017

Two compact buildings (GF+3) on a site with a slight gradient towards the south. The first building is located on the north section of the site (Block A) and the second on the south section (Block B). Block A, with mixed-use units on the ground floor, is aligned with Camí de Capellans, consolidating the corner of the site. Access to the entrance piazza and the internal walkway that links both lobbies is from Joan Puig Mestre Street. There is a common landscaped area, a series of shaded spaces, an access piazza, a play area and an outdoor swimming pool for adults between the two buildings. Given the area of movement and the site orientation, the project aims to arrange various directions by placing the apartments in the corner.

The concept is a series of interrupted compact buildings to fit in with the scale of the site and avoid large facades (maximum length is 34m). Also, this configuration favours a natural and simple topographic integration with the site and groups of three apartments sharing common landings.

After delivering the standards of a modern society, such as comfort, convenience and healthy conditions in the apartments, complying with the regulations and industry norms, it is important to evolve and bring in new levels of spatiality, material and flexibility to the apartments. It is necessary to explore people’s day-to-day routines in order to create new ideas, which are able to fit in with the new social challenges and modern family requirements that make up the social fabric.

The housing units are arranged in two clearly differentiated day and night zones, positioning the wet areas towards the bay. The day spaces revolve around the living areas, in other words, the corner spaces, with terraces opening up to the external landscape, enjoying simultaneously generous two-facade spaces and diagonal views.

Sitges, Barcelona

Project 2017
Completed 2020
Area 9.000m²
CC 6M€

Neinor Homes

Camila Aybar, Maria Borrell, Jorge Jover and Juan José Mateos

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