84 Housing Units in Sant Adrià del Besòs, 2017

Eighty-Four Apartments in Sant Adrià del Besòs, 2017-ongoing

A compact structure sharing a party wall with an adjacent site (T1), which has a different use. The building maintains the same height as the adjacent property (GF+6+UF) and, as the building descends floor numbers reduce from the upper section in order to provide apartments with different aspects, sea views and balconies. At ground level, the building becomes less dense in the corner, a more human scale (GF+5), improving the quality of the public space (piazza). Due to the length of the building, a new 5-metre by 4.5 metres high pedestrian walkway (entrance 4) is proposed, facilitating access from the piazza to the river and vice-versa.

On the façade facing the river, the building, through minor offsets, adapts itself to the obligatory “curve” included in the planning. This enables it to comply with the geometry and slightly interrupt the 100m-façade. The buildable depth of the building varies, and reaches a maximum of 15.45m (less then 16m).

On the ground floor and part of the first floor (entrance 1), five retail units are proposed, with access from the piazza, each with an area of less than 700m2. Part of the area is outside the building perimeter, emphasising the corner and enclosing the public space. The access ramp to the car park is located at one end, next to the retail spaces to maximise the use of public space. On the south façade (piazza) there is a 5m x 4.5m roofed area in compliance with the prevailing planning.

The building has a flat roof, where part of the common services (solar panels and air conditioning) will be placed. Use of the roof is for maintenance only. The units on the upper floor move away three metres from the façade (northeast) in order to reduce the volume.

La Catalana, Sant Adrià del Besòs.

Project 2017-ongoing
Area 14.000m²
CC 9.4M€

Camila Aybar, Maria Borrell, Jorge Jover and Juan José Mateos

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