Housing Units in Sant Andreu, 2018

Nine Apartments in Sant Andreu. 2018-ongoing

The aim of the project is to build a residential building, between party walls, with a ground plus four floors (GF+4). The maximum buildable depth is 13.50m. The internal courtyard is freed up by demolishing the existing building and providing the project with a new common area on the ground floor of approximately 15.00m (deep) x 14.90m (wide). The maximum regulatory height is 16.70m for a GF+4 building. The new footprint of the building will be 13.05m (deep) x 14.90m (wide).

It is a residential building facing two directions, providing ventilation and natural light for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Three underground levels have been refurbished, retaining the existing structure of reinforced concrete columns and 30cm deep reticular slabs. To improve access to the underground lower floors, the ramp has been slightly widened to 3m. This involves some reinforcement work to the foundation, demolition of three existing columns, construction of a new concrete wall and widening the ramp’s slab.

Calle Otger, Barcelona

Project 2018-ongoing
Area 1.158m²
CC 1.1M€

Quantity surveyor/ Javier Alloza

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