Av. Europa Office building, 2022

Refurbishment of an Office Building. 2022 – ongoing

The building object of the PB+3PP project is located recessed from the plot plan with respect to the Avenida de Europa. Special attention is given to the design of this space prior to the building, which serves as a pedestrian access and relationship area prior to the entrance of the building.
The road access to the building is modified and is now done through the southern edge of the plot, directly accessing the ramp down to the basement floors. The building has two basement parking levels. The renovation project does not propose to intervene in the parking floors.
In order to achieve a greater presence and visibility of the building, the building envelope is reformed. The roof facilities floor is integrated into the complex and the façade is enlarged, which distorts the scale of the building, increasing its urban presence and visibility from the highway.
A new deep façade is projected which, in addition to transforming the building’s image, improves the building’s energy performance by protecting the building from direct sunlight and optimizing solar gains. The regulations allow to increase the façade overhang up to 1.25m, if the building’s energy efficiency is improved by at least 30%.

Av. Europa 20A, Madrid

Project 2022 – ongoing
Area 5.500m²

Camila Aybar, Maria Borrell, Jorge Jover and Juan José Mateos

Images © aybar mateos, borrell jover

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