Extension of a School in Gràcia, Barcelona

Extension of a School in Gràcia. 2009-ongoing

The project involves the extension and refurbishment of an existing reception, primary and secondary school in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, which has been operating since 1862.

The project will be carried out in different phases to achieve the partial urban planning of the block, located between Gran de Gràcia street, Betlem street, Maurici Serrahima street and Pérez Galdós street, extending the existing school in line with the facilities’ functional needs to become a benchmark school.

Among the various interventions to be carried out, attention should be drawn to:

01. Construction of the main building in Gran de Gràcia street will be modified to align with the façade of the current plan, liberating the pavement for pedestrians. This new building will be the school’s benchmark element, where most classrooms, laboratories, study rooms, etc. will be located.

02. Demolition of some of the existing buildings to free up the internal block’s courtyard, providing a generous and uninterrupted external playground.

03. Construction of a multi-sports facility and swimming pool below ground with all the necessary support services for their operation; use of these facilities will also be made available to the neighbourhood.

Gran de Gràcia 236, Barcelona

Project, 2009
Stage, ongoing
Area 5.200m²

Photography © José Hevia

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