Residential Building for Fundació Casateva

Residential Building for Fundació Casateva. 2010

The new paediatric shelter CASATEVA is an accommodation centre for children and teenagers receiving medical treatment and the families of patients hospitalised far from their homes. The project aims at the child’s welfare and recovery, promoting the family unit in an environment solely dedicated to patients’ recuperation.

The form of the building is the result of the layout of the functional programme and adaptation of the structure to its surroundings. The building is located around a large central courtyard, which opens up to the south side of the park, with three blocks set back from each other, creating large landscaped roofs. The main and highest block is arranged in parallel to Quatre Camins street, while the other two blocks enclose the courtyard from the east and west. The central space will become an external play area, creating a physical and visual continuity with the existing park, together with all the common spaces on the ground floor, a key space for families. The areas where the blocks converge are small courtyards containing the building’s communication cores.

The centre has 50 rooms of two different sizes distributed along the floors, facing opposite directions, ensuring the residents have maximum privacy.

The façade responds to the programme, combining large openings with opaque areas. Solar control and privacy are achieved with different density metal mesh shutters that operate depending on the orientation.

Sarrià, Barcelona

Project 2010
Area 5.400m²

Photography © José Hevia

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