Refurbishment to Separate a House

Refurbishment to Separate a House. 2013-2014

The parents of three grown-up daughters were left with a house far too large for just the two of them. Using existing elements, it was possible to detach part of that “forgotten” volume (100m2). Access to the new dwelling is via street level, directly to the floor with the three bedrooms. Adjacent to the hall, there is a staircase connecting the ground floor with the upper floor, where a 4mm thick sheet of iron, painted in white has been placed. The purpose of this element is well-defined as it forms zones independent from each other: separating the hall from the staircase, the staircase from the dining room and the dining room from the kitchen; one single element to solve the same issue. Materials have been selected to use the minimum thickness possible and in each case chosen for the appropriate depth.

The ground floor covering is parquet (existing), the new partitions are made of plasterboard and the corridor has been finished with directly varnished MDF. The party wall with the new neighbours has been treated to achieve the finest soundproofing. Intervention on the upper floor has been finished with an aluminium enclosure in the existing volume, in-situ concrete polished with quartz dust and wax sealed. Also, an open kitchen with panoramic views of Tibidabo is located on this upper floor.

Sarrià, Barcelona

Project 2013
Completed 2014
Area 130m2

Photography © José Hevia

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