Offices in Campos Elíseos

Offices in Campos Elíseos. 2008

The project involves the refurbishment of an early 20th century warehouse to convert it into a new commercial space. The premises, located in a small passage in the centre of Barcelona’s Growth Plan (eixample), were used for many years as a car repair workshop.

The refurbishment focuses on the demolition of a recently built mezzanine, recovery of the façade’s openings, repair of any out-dated services and construction of a new mezzanine. The total height of the premises, 5 metres, has been retained, thus forming an open ground floor with a generous floor to ceiling height.

The structure, with riveted metal columns, metal beam structural floor and clay hollow bricks, skylights, walls and floors have been restored and painted in white. A mezzanine has been erected at the back of the premises, with offices and meeting rooms, constructed with a metal structure, oak parquet floors and translucent polycarbonate partitions.

Pasaje de los Campos Eliseos 9, Barcelona

Project 2008
Completed 2008
Area 500m²

Photography © José Hevia

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