Solomillo Restaurant, Barcelona

Solomillo Restaurant, Charcutería y Carne al Peso. 2016

SOLOMILLO Restaurant is located on the ground and mezzanine floors of Alexandra Hotel, Barcelona. Access to the restaurant, an enclosed area open to Mallorca street, is via the charcuterie and the bar. A large-scale table (3.50mx1.20m) and a U-shaped bar ensure that this eatery, where local food can be enjoyed throughout the day, is casual and based on sharing. The boundary of the charcuterie is defined with a 1.50m-high screen made of ceramic tiles, creating a cozy area away from the lobby, the hotel’s busiest part. On the rear side of the bar, fridges, display cabinets and the serving area can be found, while a staircase between the two bars leads to the restaurant on the mezzanine.

The restaurant plan is based on a 15mx9m rectangular open grid. Tables are spread similar to a French bistro, adjacent to each other along the perimeter, so that they can be gathered or separated depending on the number of diners. The mezzanine is delineated following the same pattern as the ground floor, but with slightly smaller partitions made of ceramic tiles: 1.30m high in the area adjacent to the restaurant and 1.10m high internal screens. These partitions form benches, areas and corners of different dimensions, as well as more intimate areas to place the tables. In the middle of this space, an island of tables and a support area for the staff breaks up the room, achieving more discrete and quieter spaces. On the other side of the restaurant, there is a sitting area for the hotel guests with armchairs and direct light to rest or read.

All the partitions have been made-to-measure. The internal structure is made of timber and concave ceramic tiles, displaying their curved side, lacquered in burgundy red and fixed individually; 7,300 have been used for this project.

 All furniture, lighting and upholstery used have been fully designed by Spanish design companies affiliated to RED.

Carrer de Mallorca 251, Barcelona

Project 2016
Completed 2016
Area 360m²

Photography © José Hevia

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