74 Housing Units in Plaza Europa, 2018

Seventy-Four Apartments in Plaza Europa. 2018-ongoing.

Open source architecture and structure which enables the project, as well as the combinations of its typological configuration, to evolve while being developed, preserving its architectural concept and form. The urban aspect of the tower has been put together from a common and essential element, but usually concealed: the bearing structure. This solution facilitates (1) to completely free up the floor of structural elements inside, placing them in the core and on the perimeter, and (2) to provide the building with a clear and recognisable identity within the cityscape. The structure faces four directions in an isotropic manner, providing outdoor spaces with uninterrupted and spacious terraces, which do not count towards the built up area, serving ALL the apartments on two of the four sides facing East and West. The layout of these two enjoys distant views, avoiding the proximity of the Cook tower in the North, and South in the future.

Therefore, the tower aims to provide panoramic views by placing as many apartments as possible in corner positions. A benchmark building incorporating crossed views that add refinement to the building itself and the urban environment. Corner and two directional units have been designed rather than housing units with two parallel facades overlooking a frontal landscape. Thus apartments open up to two landscapes diagonally. Each residential unit becomes a space comparable to an aboveground detached house with its own courtyard -a terrace with an excellent relationship with the landscape. Each apartment enjoys a private and intimate external landscape.

From an urban, environmental and financial perspective, the new built spaces for Ciudad de Hospitalet need a set of local identities. The approach used for these urban opportunities must be able to create an identity for the site, a community and bring in something to the contemporary cultural domain. These areas are not only a market opportunity, but also a commitment to the community, contributing to sustainable growth, becoming an urban benchmark for a new era.

Plaza Europa 78-80, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

Project 2018-ongoing
Area 7.611m²

Camila Aybar, Maria Borrell, Jorge Jover and Juan José Mateos

Images © Lotoarchiab

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