Occupational Therapy Centre for Fundación Boscana

Occupational Therapy Centre for Fundación Boscana. 2013-2014

Building a prefabricated module

The building for Fundación Boscana’s new occupational therapy centre is part of the residential complex that the foundation built in 1961. Throughout the years, partial renovations to the centre have been carried out, but it was not until 2013 that we were commissioned to undertake the complete refurbishment of the occupational workshop.

The programme includes an access area to the centre, an access area to the workshop, four 40m2 open classrooms, and space with toilets and changing rooms for the staff, totalling 250m2.

From the outset, it was suggested to prefabricate the building to reduce the execution timeframe and minimize the impact on the centre caused by construction work. This required some preliminary work to prefabricate the project, as well as preparing and planning all the services. The building is sited on a concrete slab previously prepared to accommodate the different parts of the building. The walls, which are made of light wooden lattice and have a ventilated façade, are built in sections, with the internal and external finishes already in place. Services are also preinstalled, to avoid on-site trenching. The flat roof is finished on site, with an EPDM-type rubber membrane. The internal floor is covered in linoleum and the partitions between classrooms are moveable panels.

The building was erected in 24 hours and the total execution of the work took slightly over two months.

Calle de Can Caralleu 16-18, Barcelona

Project 2013
Completed 2014
Area 250m²

Quantity surveyor/ Rafa Belloto, Structure and prefabricated design/ Arquima

Photography © José Hevia

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