Housing Units in Santa Coloma 2, 2019

Fifteen Apartments in Santa Coloma. 2019-ongoing

Redevelopment of existing buildings and densification of housing is the most sustainable strategy that we can apply to our cities today. Old buildings are redeveloped and adapted to comply with new regulations and more efficient environmental criteria, reducing land use and preserving the natural environment surrounding our communities.

The building is located in Santa Coloma de Gramanet’s historical centre, in a narrow semi-pedestrianized street, with mixed-use activities on the ground floor. The project aims to salvage the existing façade with large openings and charismatic features of the building’s industrial architecture, such as fine materials, exposed brickwork, etc., providing the neighbourhood with a familiar appearance.

The building has been conceived with 15 apartments, with no residential units on the ground floor, of different typologies (2 and 3 bedrooms), mixed-use on the ground floor together with an existing basement. The core of the building accommodates an inner courtyard, which provides natural light and ventilation, echoing the pattern of adjacent buildings, ensuring there are 12% of courtyards. The proposed structural work is minimal, maximising courtyards and layout. The existing envelope is modified to comply with the new functional agenda and create new openings to the courtyard and façade.

Addressing these urban regeneration projects creates the possibility to give an area its own identity and sense of community. These spaces are not only a market opportunity but also a compromise with the local area, working towards sustainable growth and becoming an urban benchmark for a new era.

Santa Coloma de Gramanet, Barcelona

Project 2019-ongoing
Area 3.173m²
CC 1.5M€

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